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Great example of work of a talented interior designer Tiffany Eastman – cool blues design concept

This article appeared in “Winter 2012 New England Home’s Connecticut”
It’s about one of the works of interior designer Tiffany Eastman. Tiffany Eastman stylistically mirrors what is impressed upon her by creating a design concept to meet the discerning expectation of each client. Recognition amongst her client base for her commitment and persistence in beautifying their residential spaces, has given Tiffany Eastman Interiors a vast client base, spanning Fairfield and Westchester Counties
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Stone house photos. Example of good cobblestone masonry work. Perfect look of stone walls in interior design. Stone Craft


We have already noticed that whether it is brick (painted or rich terracotta color), or coarse stone or cobblestone – any interior against such background looks very impressive and stylish. And today stone craft in the house is prevalent not only on the decorated stone walls, but also on the stone floor if the house is stonehouse. Great masonry work from cobblestone gives this stonehouse a nice and unforgettable look. You can agree that it is a very unusual technique of interior design. And overall this stonehouse is very colorful and memorable.

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