28 astonishing modern bedroom design ideas! Some of them are truly shocking!

This gallery shows some latest trends in interior design, and how those trends are reflected in
modern bedroom designs. Actually those new trends look fantastic in modern bedrooms (of course, if you
make decorations and renovations wisely).
Floor to ceiling windows, spectacular view over beautiful nature around the apartments, wooden decor,
black and white featured modern bedrooms, modern paintings on the walls…

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Modern Pop and Glamour – astonishing apartment in San Francisco

Here we offer a really fantastic modern interior of apartment in San Francisco created by
Jeffers Design Group. It looks more like a penthouse, because of it’s astonishing
floor-to-ceiling windows, which appear even in the bathroom. Gorgeously bright and
spacious, with the touch of glamour by adding some unusual decor and the touch of
modern pop culture through paintings everywhere in the apartment. And by the way,
looking through the gallery you fill like they are the essential part of this interior.

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